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Here are pictures of some amazing artists and Elegalworld friends with George Rangel owner of Elegalworld Entertainment

Some are famous...some not ..but they are all awesome and very talented people.

Please click on their picture to learn more about them.




Robin Williams and George Rangel at Comedy Day in rainy San Francisco.

Robin was so cool. One of the biggest stars in the world and he still took the time to perform "gratis" at this comedy event.

After his performance George and Robin got to chat for a while about music. Almost got him to join the band....He is sadly missed



Bill Engvall and George Rangel in Los Angeles.

Bill makes performing comedy look so easy. He is a such natural and really really funny. Catch him if you can

Bill is also and awesome guy. He joined a bunch of us to perform at a benefit for our buddy Vic Dunlop.

Bruce Baum, Blake Clark and NogginBlast also performed that night. It was Great Fun!



Martina McBride and George Rangel backstage at the Greek Theater in LA

 Awesome voice and performance! And what a beautiful lady! Pictures don't do Martina justice.

It was awesome hanging out with the McBride's, Martina, John, Chuck, family and good friends.



Bas Rutten and George Rangel at an event in Indio.

George was the musical entertainment and Bas is always just entertaining.

 Bas has the best sense of humor and is quite the music aficionado. You should hear him sing!

George says "I love hanging with Bas. He is always positive, lots of fun and a real champion.




Cesar Rosas of "Los Lobos"  and George Rangel sharing a drink backstage in Los Angeles.

 But before sharing a drink they shared the stage at a concert in LA. Love doing shows with Los Lobos!



 Gregg Rolie and George Rangel  at a concert in Thousand Oaks, California

It was a beautiful day for a Concert in The Park  in front of  a huge crowd.

Gregg is the original voice in the bands Santana and Journey. Awesome singer... awesome guy.



 Pat Lennon of the band Venice and George Rangel at a concert in California after sharing the stage

Pat is one of the singers and guitar player with the band Venice.

Pat was a back up singer on the Roger Waters world tour, along with brother Kip and cousin Mark Lennon



 Mark Lennon of the band Venice and George Rangel backstage at the same Venice show.

 What an awesome guy and what an angelic voice. He too was on tour with Roger Waters and on The Voice.



Kip Lennon of the band Venice and George Rangel goofing off.

What can you say about Kip... great guy, amazing voice, sang on the Simpson's, also with Roger Waters...man!


Pat Mark and Kipp are the nicest people you could ever meet, and they sing so sweet together!

They currently finished a tour with Roger Waters handling the background vocals

Their band Venice is the best. Be sure and check out them out at www.venicecentral.com


Scott Page, George Rangel and Burleigh Drummond filming a video at the Canyon Club

Scott Page has recorded and toured with Pink Floyd (Video Here) Supertramp and many others.

Scott, Burleigh Drummond, Bruce Baum, Deb Creighton, Rick Kresak and George Rangel are NogginBlast

Here, they are in LA doing a video shoot for the band and decided to take a photo op..VIDEO HERE


 Bruce Baum and George Rangel after a show in California.

Hanging backstage with NogginBlast band mate and national funny man Bruce Baum.

Bruce and George have known each other for 20 plus years and have always talked about putting a band together .

Well, they finally did it! Writing and performing with the band NogginBlast... Meet NogginBlast here



Burleigh Drummond and George Rangel during a recording session at Tin Drum Studio.

Burleigh, founding member and drummer for Ambrosia is also a NogginBlast band mate.

Burleigh and George have been doing shows and recordings together for many years now. He's the best!



Bill Engval and Deborah Creighton at Vic's benefit.

NogginBlast keyboard player and singer Deborah Creighton and Bill Engvall taking a photo op.



Jetstream and George Rangel.

George and Jetstream attending a radio interview to promote an upcoming Elegalworld Entertainment concert

where Jetstream was one of the bands performing. These guys are incredibly talented, tour nationally with many

top names including with Stone Temple Pilots. If you're near a Jetstream show, catch it.




Todd Rundgren, George Rangel backstage at a Rundgren concert.

Catching up with Todd at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills California.

What a talented guy! and so down to earth.



Todd and Fran Drescher at the same show



Mike Reno and George Rangel

Mike Reno, the amazing lead singer for Loverboy and George after sharing the stage. Loverboy Rocks!



Colin Hay and George Rangel, backstage after sharing the stage.

Colin is the lead singer for the band "Men At Work". What a unique and awesome voice

George is a huge fan and had the good fortune to share the stage with him in San Juan Capistrano



 Peter "Herman" Noone and George Rangel after sharing the stage in Los Angeles.

What an amazing treat it was sharing the stage with Peter Noone.

He is an awesome person, loves his fans and puts on such a great show. Don't miss it!

You can learn more about Peter, see his schedule and many other things at www.peternoone.com




George Rangel, Burleigh Drummond and Tommy Boyce performing at a Herman's Hermits Show.



George Rangel and  Mighty Mo Rodgers  backstage after one of his shows.

What can you say about Mo....how about "awesome blues great"! No one does the blues better.

 Here are Mo and George backstage at an Mo Rodgers Concert that "Elegalworld Entertainment" put together.



Sean Connor and George Rangel.

Sean is a film editor who has worked on Dallas, Knots Landing, Max Headroom and many more projects.

He won on Emmy while working with legendary director Robert Altman. He currently works at CBS Television City in Hollywood.

Sean is also a professional photographer







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