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Elegalworld Entertainment is

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Elegalworld Entertainment was conceived in early 2000 and is the brainchild of George Rangel, a musician, promoter and entrepreneur who through the years he has worked with Van Halen,

Gary Sinise, Bruce Baum, Tim Allen, Ambrosia, Little River Band, Ratt, Loverboy, Eddie Money, Dave Mason, Los Lobos and many other notable artists and entertainers.


Elegalworld also works with countless of unknown artists in many genres. “We love working with new up and coming artists”. They are still driven by the dream of it all and have that rawness

and passion. We've brought in young bands and solo artists to our events that have blown me away with their talent". It's a satisfying feeling knowing that Elegalworld is a link in the chain of many

artists. We hope that bringing them into our events has given their careers a little push and inspiration.


Elegalworld has produced many corporate events, created and produced a string of music festivals throughout So Cal and continues to promote top tier concerts with notable artists.


Elegalworld is located 30 miles north of Hollywood, California at the Los Angeles / Ventura County line in the city of Thousand Oaks, a beautiful and serene area, which is home to a thriving

music scene and to many of the top artists and players in the entertainment business. Come Visit!




Mission Statement

To create and promote positive, memorable events that place artists and audiences together.

To carry on our commitment to find, guide and support artists with a passion for their craft while

providing products and services that meet the needs of our artists, clients and communities.

To generate revenue through our services for our employees and investors.





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