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About G


"I have been involved in music for as long as I can remember.

I've had the music bug since the age of 11 and I have the need to play music everyday.


I wear many hats as a producer, recording engineer, promoter and event coordinator

and though I enjoy doing it all I really have fun writing, recording and performing music live".

My career has been an amazing journey. I've made friends in all walks of life all over the world.

I've also had the pleasure of sharing stages with some amazing artists. Many are names you may

not recognize and many are names everyone knows like Ambrosia, Bill Engvall, Blues Traveler

Bob Saget, Dave Mason, Eddie Money, Gin Blossoms, Los Lobos, Loverboy,  Tim Allen, Van Halen

Venice and many other notable musicians and comedians.


I currently have a music licensing contract with The CBS / Paramount Music Group. When not performing

I spend time writing, recording and producing music for TV promos and films soundtracks. I am also

involved in other areas of the entertainment business that keep me busy..


Some personal facts:

Grew up in Redondo Beach, Calif. a beach community in Los Angeles County.

Picked up my first guitar at the age of twelve and "I'm still learning to play it".

Wrote my first song at the age of 12. Started playing professionally at age 18.

Currently live in Thousand Oaks Calif. USA  - a suburb north of Los Angeles