Meet The Members of Aspen


Present & Past








Lou Garcia 

Vocals Guitar and Bass




Daniel "DEEZ" Rangel

Drums and Percussion





George Rangel 

  Vocals Guitar and Bass



ďIíve always loved music, especially singing and harmonies.Ē

Lou began singing at a young age.

He would accompany his mother who taught him to sing harmony.

He picked up the guitar at 13 & is now an accomplished

guitarist. Lou met George Rangel who showed him another side of the

music industry. Lou has shared the stage with many national acts and

performed at many notable venues.


Grew up in Fresno Calif. is a Leo or Tiger in the Chinese calendar.

Guitar influences are Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton. Vocal influences

are theEagles, Doobie Brothers, Crosby Stills and Nash, Tower of

Power. Started playing professionally at 20. Lives in Simi Valley, Ca.

Favorite color is green




Some of Deez's Interests are:


VEGAS!!! playing drums, vacations, family BBQ's, skating,

snowboarding, the beach / lake and whatever other fun I can manage

to get into. Deez is into anybody who's down for a good time and

stays positive.


I'd like to meet the guy who invented beer (so I can give him a hug)


His musical tastes are:

Pennywise, Tupac, Bad Religion,

Sublime, Social D, Pepper, Allman Bros, Transplants, Rise Against,

Incubus, 80's MUSIC RULES Offspring, 311, Authority Zero,

Bob Marley, The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin.


I've been involved in music for as long as I can remember. I've had the

music bug since an early age and I feel the need to play music  daily.

I've made friends in all walks of life all over the world and have had the

pleasure of sharing stages with some amazing artists. Many are

names you may not recognize and many are names everyone knows'

Though I wear many hats as a producer, recording engineer, promoter

and event coordinator what I really love is performing live with Aspen "


Picked up my first guitar at the age of twelve and "I'm still

learning to play it".

Grew up in Redondo Beach, Calif.

Currently live in Thousand Oaks Calif. USA











Deborah Creighton

Keyboards and Vocals


  Yes, that is I on keys in the band Aspen. 

  After several years of soul searching and realizing that time waits for no

  one I gave it my all and have the fortunate opportunity to add the grout to

  the bands breath of fresh air sound. 


  It has been a fast and fun ride working with the group and not to mention

  the great venues we have played and artists met along the way. Hmm only

  have to ask myself why didnít I do this sooner!


  Other mentionable credits to my endeavors are vocals and keyboard in the

  laugh-n-roll sound of NogginBlast featuring comedian Bruce Baum,

  drummer Burleigh Drummond from Ambrosia, sax player Scott Page from

  Pink Floyd, guitar and writer George Rangel originating member of Aspen



Brandon Herring

Bass Guitar and Vocals


  In the early years, Aspen found itself without a bass player so George

  and Lou found themselves alternating between guitar and bass. The one

  day Frank showed up with Brandon Herring who played the Aspen

  music as if he had been there the bands inception.


  Brandon performed with Aspen for many years and truly gave the band

  the bass polish that it needed and the only Brandon could bring to the



  Though Brandon has moved on is raising a family and running a

  business he occasionaly will perform Aspen when it works out.

  He is also recorded on a couple songs on the Aspen Blue Skies CD.





Rich Lambert

Drums and Percussion


  Though not a founding member it can be said that Rich was there in

  the very beginning and was the first Aspen drummer George and Rich

  had met and had been recording some of George's songs which ended

  up on the Aspen Blue Skies CD before Aspen was even conceived.


  Rich is the first drummer to record what became Aspen songs and has

  gone on to record and perform with many artist. He can also heard in

  many movie soundtracks as he has his own sound production



  As good of a drummer and percussionist as anyone could wish for.







Frank Pinon

Drums and Percussion


  Frank joined Aspen at the very beginning stages, when Aspen first began

  performing live. As things started coming together and the band started

  to get out there the 1st year, Frank was always the go to guy for drums.

  On some occasions both Frank & Rich would play together and it was



  The first year Aspen took a road trip, Frank was the drummer that came

  along and helped make it happen. Frank has continued to perform with

  Aspen when his schedule permits and on occasion he and Deez perform

  together and look out!





Cheryl Cynar

Guitar Flute and Vocals


  As Aspen founding member Zamora Rodrigues had moved on to other

  things Lou and George found themselves carrying the vocals but only

  being a duo. Along comes Cheryl and not only filled the 3rd vocal void

  but also added an acoustic guitar and a much needed element which

  was the flute.

  An accomplished guitar player, vocalist and flautist, Cheryl rounded out

  the Aspen vocal sound and added a unique flavor to the band for a

  number of years with her guitar playing and flute.





Albert Shotwell

Bass Guitar


  In the beginning when Aspen was still settling in Albert Shotwell was

  Aspen's go to bass player.Well that continued for a number of years.

  Actually, Albert was the go to guy for many of the bands in the area.

  This is a guy who loved to play and could always be counted on to

  show up at the rehearsals and shows.


  Than you add to that the fact that he was one of the coolest people you

  could ever meet and what can you say?



Other musicians we thank for working with Aspen are:

Richard Hardy  |  Michael Velasquez  |  Blake Delgado  |  Paul Burger  |  Mike Peritz  |  Gina Lorenzo

 Neil Chedda  |  Jeremy Herring  |  Patty Pepeli  |  Alex Cabrera  |  Burleigh Drummond  |  Mickey Drummond




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